Eight-Book Mathematics Bundle (2,733 pages, 447 Lessons)
This ebook is a combination of all the books in the series (Arithmetic, 34 lessons; Elementary Algebra ,66 lessons; Intermediate Algebra, 52 lessons; Intermediate mathematics, 74 lessons; College algebra, 76 lessons; College Trigonometry, 42 lessons; Calculus 1 & 2, 58 lessons; and Power of Ratios, 40 lessons). This bundle has something for everyone in the family or at school, and covers all the basics of all the important math topics from elementary school, through high school to college. The books are also ideal for developmental or remedial math programs, as well as adult education and distance learning programs at two-year (US) colleges. For navigation through the books, you can use the table of contents provided for the books, You may click or scroll from page to page, from chapter to chapter and from book to book.
The coverage of every topic is the most user-friendly coverage in the world.

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