About these Books

Definition: A student is one who studies (a lot). If one attends classes and does not study, one is not a student,                       but a class attendee.  If one does not attend classes but studies a lot, one is a student. 

To the student:       
 "All Learning is Self-Teaching"
"The best teacher is a well-written textbook".
From the 9th grade, through high school, and through college, for any subject, what every student needs is a book well-written for the student.

Every book at this site is well-written for the student.

The books at Microtextbooks.com and Yellowtextbooks.com are the results of over 30 years of experience in teaching, researching, and publishing. On every topic, the author spent sufficient time to present the material in such a way that students would find studying from them a great joy.

 I hear and read about complaints against teachers and professors. These complaints should be directed towards textbooks user-friendliness. In order to master any topic, you first study it, followed by repetition, repetition and repetition. Without repetition, you will not master any topic; and when it comes to repetition, only you can afford the time for repetition.
Even after having mastered a topic, from time to time, you must review the material learned previously. Your teachers or professors are there to help you learn. They cannot and will not have sufficient time to "put knowledge into every student's head".

If any of these books is not the course textbook, use it to help you understand and remember the topics covered. After having found these books to be useful, tell your friends and family members about them, and they would be appreciative for telling them. There are both paperback and hardcover paper editions, as well as ebook (electronic) editions. You can start with an ebook edition and then later, if you like the book, you can obtain the paper edition.

More mathematics titles as well as titles in physics, chemistry and engineering would be added to the series in the future, since the author has background in science and engineering.

The hardcover paper edition of the arithmetic book would be worth having on a table in the living room, since family members and friends would be able to relate to it.

The "Calculus 1 & 2" book is one of the most user-friendly textbooks ever written. The author spent over six years writing this book, and has revised it at least, ten times, the main objective being writing a book that any serious student of Calculus would be able to learn from without much difficulty.

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